Work sphere

Most of our work is focused on the rising aeronautical sector.

Business vision

We innovate, improve and optimize in order to develop a “continuum” design.


We can guarantee absolute security in all our projects and developments, as well as to our clients.


We carry out projects looking for novelty products that add value and differentiate us in the sectors we work in.


Our designs and equipment reach the highest quality standards.


Full interrelation with our clients to achieve a customized design, in order to satisfy any need they might have.


We carry out all kinds of tooling designs and machinery projects. Our experience in the aeronautical sector gives us the technical capacity to face any tooling challenges and full production lines of any sector we participate in.

Most of our designs are made with advanced 3D design software, like CATIA and other programs. Our calculus team has experience and background using the FEM Calculus software.